Donald Glover plays the very loveable Lando Calrissian in the recent Star Wars film and in a recent chat with Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio he expressed his interest in doing a Lando centric film if it ever came to be. "It would always be fun to be Lando again,” he said of a possible spin-off. “I would love to do it again. It’s really fun."

“It would be cool to see, like, Frasier in Space—like, a high-end guy in space. All of these characters are very specific and they have very specific points of view, so it’s always going to be fun to see them traveling around to a planet that is the opposite of what they’re used to," he added. "And all of that seems like it would be fun to write, for sure. But it also is nice to not have to write that. It’s also nice to just, you know, show up in a cape and get pointed in the right direction."

The film's writer, Jonathan Kasdan, recently revealed that Lando is pansexual and Donald said it makes all the sense since in Space there's really no rules. 

“How can you not be pansexual in space?” he said. “There are so many things to have sex with. I didn’t think that was that weird. Yeah, he’s coming on to everybody. I mean, yeah, whatever. It just didn’t seem that weird to me 'cause I feel like if you’re in space it’s kind of like, the door is open! It’s like, 'No, only guys or girls.' No, it’s anything. This thing is literally a blob. Are you a man or a woman? Like, who cares? Have good time out here.”