Previous reports about Donald Glover being sued by his former label over streaming royalties was a bit of a stretch since new sources say Glassnote Entertainment Group have simply just filed a complaint. According to Billboard, the issues at hand stem from Donald's three albums CampBecause the Internet, and "Awaken, My Love!" and $700,000 in digital performance royalties.

The publication details how the royalties are coming from digital radio services like Pandora, SiriusXM, and Spotify and according to a contract signed in 2011, the label would license the three albums and get 50% of the cut per the streaming numbers. Things get sticky since Donald owns his master recordings and under federal regulations, royalties are paid out to SoundExchange "which then would pay 50 percent to the owner of the master recording; 45 percent to the recording artists on the song; and five percent to non-featured contributors, such as producers or engineers."

Since Glassnote Entertainment Group licensed the three albums, they want the 50% cut they believe they are entitled to. The label is now asking a judge to come in and meditate the contract and sort out whose side is valid for a fair ending to the dispute. The publication also notes that Donald received $8 million in royalties since the singing of the contract with another $2 million on the way. 

Donald left Glassnote last year, signed with RCA and then dropped off his latest track "This Is America."