In many ways, Donald Glover has undergone one hell of a rebrand. With prestigious accomplishments like creating Atlanta and crafting original songs like "Redbone" and "This Is America" under his belt, it's sometimes hard to remember that Gambino got his start as a comedic actor. And for many, Community served as an introduction to his many talents. In 2009, Glover debuted as Troy Barnes, a character he would go on to play for five seasons until his departure in 2013. 

Donald Glover

 Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

And while he has certainly kept busy in the interim, Glover recently took a moment to venture back to where it began. As you might know, the entire cast of Community (and guest star Pedro Pascal) connected for a table-read yesterday, and it didn't take long for nostalgia to kick in. Reading the episode "Cooperative Polygraphy," in which Troy makes the decision to engage in a seafaring adventure, Glover settled nicely back into his breakout role -- going so far as to fuel a bit of hype for the "six seasons and a movie" campaign, even if Troy himself might not be returning. 

“In the Community world he is definitely dead,” quips Glover, during a Q&A period that followed the reading. "What am I doing, writing the movie on the fly or something?" According to Variety, Glover went on to reflect on the possibility of a questline premise, in which Abed embarks on a mission to find his missing friend. “I love the idea of Troy being lost and Abed’s mission is to go find him, try to track someone down — that would be fun,” reflects Pudi. Unfortunately, Glover's busy schedule isn't the only obstacle for a full-fledged reunion film. "We can’t make movies right now anyway," he muses, stuck at home like the rest of us.

Check out the full table read below, a must-watch for any Community fan.