Tony Ferguson and Donald Cowboy Cerrone participated in one of the most highly-anticipated fights of UFC 238, with Ferguson winning the fight via second-round TKO. The decision to end the fight came in between the second and third rounds as Cerrone's right eye was completely swollen shut. Afterward, UFC president Dana White said Cerrone had a broken right orbital bone and that he had to go to the hospital. As it turns out, the swelling around Cerrone's eye was caused by him blowing his nose in between rounds which led to some pressure build-up and thus the swelling occurred. 

Cerrone took to Instagram today to assure his fans that he was alright and had no devastating injuries after the bout.

’m in Good Health. Thanks for all the message and concerns. Only air was in my eye. No broken bones nor cracked or broken orbital. Sitting and waiting for the Rematch or next fight," Cerrone wrote.

Some felt as though the fight had been called prematurely and that the doctors should have cleared Cerrone to continue, although that never happened. Instead, both fighters were left disappointed with the result as Cerrone's record dropped to 36-12 while Ferguson improved to an impressive 25-3.