Tory Lanez is striving to become the biggest artist on the planet. The rapper's also trying to rap circles around every MC that's worthy of battle. After duking it out with Joyner Lucas -- and winning -- Don Q came at Tory's neck, ready to battle him bar-for-bar. Don came through with a serious diss track titled, "I'm Not Joyner" over the weekend which simply prompted Tory to clown the New York rapper on Instagram. Don Q has now taken to the 'Gram in response to Tory's lack of response.

"U scared @torylanez..whoever from Ny on his side SUCK MY DICK and move to Canada u should b ashamed of yourself," Don Q captioned a video he posted on his Instagram page, responding to Tory Lanez' video telling him to suck his d**k after landing in America.

"Well, 48 hours is up," Don Q said about the release of "I'm Not Joyner" which dropped on Saturday. N**gas is scared, n**gas is soft. Niggas don’t wanna do nothin'. Your 48 hours is up. You a bitch!"

Don Q then alleged that Tory Lanez has been running around with guys from New York and trying to find out information on him and his baby mother. 

The two later went onto Instagram Live where Tory committed to responding to "I'm Not Joyner" on wax. Keep your eyes peeled for that.