Domo Genesis Discusses His Debut Album And What He Learned From Odd Future

Danny Schwartz
April 05, 2016 11:28

Interview: Domo Genesis discusses his strong family roots, his Odd Future days, and going solo with his debut album "Genesis."

With all of Odd Future's shenanigans and talent, it wasn't hard to overlook the hazy, reflective bars of Domo Genesis. Domo came by HNHH to discuss his debut album Genesis and reflect on his OF days.

We asked Domo about the album's soul influence. He grew up in his grandparent's home listening to artists like Dramatics, Temptations, and Otis Redding -- he wasn't even aloud to listen to rap for a while -- and he wanted to revisit his roots. He comes from a big family -- 14 cousins! "My cousins are like my bros," he said. "That's who I kick it with all the time. So it's pretty sick."

Domo explained why he is grateful for the support system Odd Future provided as the collective entered the music industry when most of its members were still teenagers. He said that there is no beef whatsoever -- "At the end of the day, if you can stay grounded, if you can argue with them and squash it the next day, that's family shit" -- and that he is glad to have learned from Tyler, the Creator's mistakes as Tyler went solo -- namely, getting banned from Australia. "I'm not about to get banned from Australia. I love that place," laughed Domo.

Domo explained how he linked up with Anderson .Paak for "Dapper" and why he scrapped his first attempt at a debut album when he was six songs in. He seems happy with how Genesis turned out, as an autobiographical document. "For me to come out with an album, I feel like I have to give them a piece of myself," he said. "I need to explain who I am. I feel like after one listen of [Genesis], you'll at least know a little bit more about who I am."

He wrapped things by professing his admiration for Louis CK and Kanye West for being themselves and declaring his determination to remain true to himself as he becomes more popular as an artist. "When it came to Tyler and Odd Future," Domo said, "they wanted people getting crazy, they wanted people getting punched in the face, they wanted people eating roaches at all times, and I'm just not that guy." 

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