Y'all remember "Nothin' But a G Thang"? Silly question. Of course you do; even if you weren't born when it dropped. Snoop and Dre helped birth a West Coast sound that was effortlessly funky and hasn't been matched since. Even if you've never been to Cali, we got a taste of what the lifestyle was all about. In the middle of rough streets, these guys knew how to have a good time and gave us one helluva soundtrack to match. 

Since the '90s heyday, g-funk has come and gone, and new talents have stepped up to attempt to become the new-school purveyors of the West Coast sound. Since coming on the scene with his From the Westside With Love mixtape in 2010, no one's been repping L.A. like Dom Kennedy. He channels the energy of his forbearers while keeping a sound that's wholly his own. He's got the L.A. stories, he's got beats, but what sets him apart is the flow. Once he starts, you just know he's gonna lace the track. Silky, smooth, polished-- the most fitting description of the flow, though, is "in the pocket." Once Dom finds that pocket, he doesn't miss. 

Today, we got his brand new LP, By Dom Kennedy, and in its honor, here's 10 of his nicest flows.