Dom Kennedy Says He's Been Working On New Album

Rose Lilah
October 23, 2014 12:44

Dom Kennedy and our dude Baker chop it up for an HNHH exclusive interview.

West Coast's laid-back rapper Dom Kennedy hasn't put out much music since his Get Home Safely album, but nonetheless he assures us in a new interview that he's been working a lot.

"Man I been working on new music, man, for real. I been working non-stop," Dom tell us. "I put out a little groundwork for my new project before I actually went on road and then immediately after the "Get Home Safely" tour we was just kicking back and working." 

As for when we can expect this new project, he doesn't shell out too much info, except, "it'll be soon." Dom continued, "It's not really something I plan on drawing out, it's gunna be straight to the point like, 'this what it is, this when you gunna be able to get it, and here goes a preview.'"

Take a look at the full interview above. Near the end, Baker plays a quick game of East Vs. West, so you can find out which coast Dom thinks is on top whether it be concerning women, food and more.

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