Dom Kennedy is following up his acclaimed (and free) Yellow Album with Get Home Safely, an iTunes project dropping October 15th. Dom's let go the artwork and tracklist, and just last week he let go the track "Dominic" off the LP as well as a "South Central Love" visual, but aside from that, he's been keeping the records on lock.

Soon enough we'll be able to hear the records on Get Home Safely, which features an all-West Coast line up of contributors, from features to producers. For now though, we spoke with Dom K after he appeared on DJ Skee's SKEE Live show, and he spoke on the meaning behind the forthcoming album's title.

"I mean it have a lot of meanings," Dom told us. "Just the main being, when I was planning out this album, after coming off the Yellow Album, I was just looking at my life, and I was travelling the world a lot, I was inspired by a lot of things, the death of a close friend, the success of the Yellow Album, just life really, and it was kinda like a mission, it was something I felt in my heart, that's how it started it out. I was thinking about how old I am now, and a kid, and one thing that was consistent is just getting home safely. I felt like I wanted to make an album that could stand the test of time."

On the fact that Dom went for only West Coast natives as contributors on Get Home Safely, the rapper said it was only right, given the album's theme. "I mean the story takes place in L.A. So it's like, I gotta I have the people in L.A. that's part of the story," he said.

Our host Jen DeLeon went on to quiz Dom with questions based off his song titles on the album. Peep that below.