Doja Cat is one eccentric lady, so it should come as no surprise that her dietary habits reflect that. The "Say So" rapper recently sat down for a virtual interview with Nick Cannon on his morning radio show, where she spilled on a number of topics, including how the Nicki Minaj remix of the viral song came to be. During their chat, Nick asked Doja what her guilty pleasure is, and her answer was honestly a subtle flex.

"Caviar," she replied. “What?!" Nick exclaimed. "Oh you are on some bougie shit. Caviar?!” Doja admits that she "can eat a tin of caviar,” before Nick asks her when she first tried the delicacy. “Uh, a few weeks ago,” she responds. “And now you’re addicted to it,” Nick says, laughing. “I can eat a lot of it, man, and my sodium levels are gonna just skyrocket," she notes.

Doja Cat guilty pleasure bougie rich caviar hot cheetos Nick CannonJohn Parra/Getty Images for Spotify

Nick then asks if she pairs the fancy dish with a cracker, but Doja negates this choice. "No, no, no, just straight with the spoon, dude," she specifies. "I put it on a…what is it? A Cheeto, I think I put it on a Cheeto. A Hot Cheeto." Naturally, Nick is quite impressed with this unusual combination, indicating that it should be "a song title...'Caviar on Cheetos.'" Watch their full interview below:

Would you ever try caviar on a Hot Cheeto?