As Doja Cat begins to resume public-facing interactions on social media, there are bound to be certain individuals or former-fans that will remain strong in their beliefs about her, opting to cancel the singer following the #DojaCatIsOverParty that trended on twitter a few weeks back.

While things have subsided a bit on social media in regards to Doja Cat, the artist has decided to release a new record this morning, after giving fans an IG Live session last night where she previewed several other songs too. In the process, she revealed that several of these songs, presumably records titled "Up & Down," "He Ain't Shit" and "Whip," will be packaged into a little project showcasing her unreleased work.

However her IG Live session didn't go down without a few haters coming into the mix. It seems that were people, or at least one user, sending a "we ain't forget" message to Doja's live chat stream, which would be in response to the aforementioned controversy. To this, Doja Cat encouraged them not to forget. She replied, "Good, bitch. For all the people saying 'we ain't forget,' bitch good, don't forget. 'Cause that's my plan, is for you not to forget motherfucker. I'm here to stay, I'll make sure you remember."

Check out the video of the brief interaction below.