Doja Cat is known for her tongue-in-cheek antics on social media while interacting with fans. After all, her viral meme song "Moo" is what propelled her into the limelight in the first place. Sticking to her jokester origins, a newly noticed discrepancy in the lyrics of her verse on her song with Saweetie "Best Friend" on streaming services has the 25-year-old ready to withhold the release of her entire upcoming studio album

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp

Planet Her is expected to arrive sometime this year, but Doja is threatening that it could never see the light of day if streaming services don't fix the lyrics of her verse on the song. Doja raps that her bestie is, “off her fifth shot, I said, ‘Mm-mm don’t go there,'” however streaming services such as Youtube and Spotify have it written as, “She off her fish, I said, ‘Mm-mm don’t go there,'” which doesn't make any sense. 

"whoever puttin the lyrics of my verse on bestfriend as "she off her fish" needs to get slapped with a size 10 flip flop my guy," Doja begins, aiming her anger at the transcriber responsible for the error. She then more passionately declares, “SHE OFF HER FISH DON’T MAKE NO F*CKIN SENSE." She continued raging, “COME HERE SO I CAN BEAT YOUR F*CKING ASS, GUMBY.”

She then went on to add that Spotify was "in timeout" for the botched lyrics before finally threatening, "EVERYONE SAY “FIFTH SHOT” OR PLANET HER ISNT COMING OUT." 

While the issue has already been fixed on Youtube and other services will likely follow suit, Doja's frustration with the handling of the project is understandable. Saweetie seethed last year that an incomplete version of the collaboration had leaked on Apple Music an entire month before its scheduled release.

Hopefully, both Doja and Saweetie's forthcoming releases are handled with more care as they gear up to get the full rollout underway.