Earlier today, we shared Doja Cat's new Soundcloud loosie, a fun-having song titled "Unisex Freestyle," which the rapper-singer said was a nod to her personal horniness. As Doja continues to return to the fold, she's now teasing a series of unreleased records and a full project, too.

During an Instagram Live session, captured by her devoted fans, the rapper runs through several unreleased records. Among them, she also previews the released-this-morning cut "Unisex Freestyle." Most of the records find Doja using her mouse-like vocals for bouncy, fun cuts.

doja cat new music preview

Getty Images/Getty Images

As far as the other songs she previews during the session, they are reportedly titled "Ain't Shit," "Up & Down," and "Whip. Apparently one song, which she opted not to play because copyright, also features Ariana Grande.

You can preview everything in the videos below, while Doja has fun singing along to her own records. She reportedly confirmed during the same session that a body of unreleased music would be coming soon.

Doja Cat had been riding high on the success of her #1 single "Say So" and its Nicki Minaj remixbefore Twitter came for her with accusations of anti-Black views and records. She's since gone through each accusation in an effort to quell the controversy.

Stay tuned for more new music from Doja Cat, clearly.