Doja Cat will soon be embarking on her debut headlining tour, and she's making sure that fans get their money's worth when it comes to the performances by including intricate choreography into the mix as well.

Doja Cat dance Moves Choreography instagram hot pink tour
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If the Hot Pink Tour proves to be anything as shocking as her performance at the 2020 Adult Video News Awards last month (seen above), let's just say Doja and her dancers are preparing to make it one unforgettable show. The "Juicy" rapper gave a quick preview of her moves via Instagram yesterday, adding a comedic caption to the video that read "lookadat backbendddd." The cat certainly came out in her dancing with the display of very agile movements, which borrows heavily from the style of dancing known as voguing. It's too soon to tell whether or not the new choreographer she recently hired should get the credit for these newfound dance skills, or if she just always had it in her to begin with, but either way the Hot Pink Tour is better off for the creativity overall.  

Peep Doja Cat getting down with her dancers via the video she posted below, but watch it quickly since she threatened to delete it soon: