Over the weekend, dozens of hip hop artists descended onto Rolling Loud L.A. The California crowd seemed to enjoy watching some of their favorite artists take to the festival's stages, including Doja Cat who recently released her sophomore album. During her performance, there were a few hecklers who commented on whether or not she was lip-syncing, and after she left the stage, some critics took to social media with claims that the rapper gave a lackluster performance.

Image Via HNHH

Doja Cat caught wind of the remarks being made about her set at Rolling Loud L.A. so she took to social media to address the criticisms. “I just really want the audience at rolling loud to know that the sound system wasn’t good and I couldn’t hear myself that’s why I sounded like sh*t. Also the crowd was f*cking terrible everybody looked like they were strung out. I wasn’t performing for y’all in the first place.”

She then began to list cities that have the best crowds. "Paris is the f*cking BEYONCÉ of crowds. SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, EXQUISITE, TREMENDOUSLY PERFECT CROWD," she wrote. "PARIS, LONDON, HOUSTON, IRELAND, SAN FRANCISCO, AUSTRALIA HAVE THE BEST CROWDS IN HISTORY EVER B*TCH. NOBODY CAN TOUCH THEM WHAT SO EVER. (Just to name a few though.)" She tacked on New York, as well.

For those who disagreed with her, Doja took the time to tell them exactly what she thought of their opinions. Check out a clip of her Rolling Loud L.A. performance along with a few of her reactions below.