If you've listened to Doja Cat's latest studio album Hot Pink, you know that she has a freaky side. The Los Angeles singer/songwriter is in the midst of her greatest career surge yet, hitting her stride on social media and putting the rap game on notice. The multi-talented artist decided to expand her horizons, joining Cosmopolitan for a new segment where she paints a nude model and reveals some of the freakiest things about herself.

The "Say So" songstress was admittedly flustered when she walked in on a nude male model sitting in the center of the room. "Hi, I'm horny," says the rapper to introduce herself, laughing embarrassingly to herself. She goes on to have a cringe-worthy, flirtatious conversion with the model as she paints him in his birthday suit, divulging some details about her own intimate nature.

Doja Cat
John Parra/Getty Images

When asked about her freaky side, Doja Cat said that she has a pretty peculiar kink that she's never revealed before.

"The whole world is about to know," says Doja Cat, mentally preparing herself to part with such private information. "The freakiest thing about me is I like to be stepped on. It's not a foot thing. It's like a power thing. I also do have a shoe fetish."

Doja Cat goes on to specify that she enjoys getting her face stepped on.

We've all got something weird to us so you can't really judge the rapper for being honest. Watch the video below.