Los Angeles singer/songwriter Doja Cat has been getting a ton of heat after her single "Say So" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 several weeks ago. The song continues to perform well but the public is attempting to cancel the rapper for a number of different reasons.

For starters, she was previously part of several chatrooms catering to alt-right "incel" types, where she would sometimes make self-hating comments about her Blackness, like the texture of her hair and more. She has since responded to self-hatred allegations with a lengthy statement.

Doja Cat
John Parra/Getty Images

Another reason why she is being canceled, which is much sillier, is because she failed to show her fans her boobs after going #1. The recording artist joked that she would do so prior to its success on the charts but, once it hit the top spot, she explained that she would not be going nude online. People were pissed and gave up on her. Maybe this is her consolation prize.

After embarking on a social media hiatus of sorts where she only really used TikTok, Doja Cat is back on the 'Gram and she's giving the people what they wanted... sort of. Instead of going fully naked, she showed off her stunning figure in an orange bikini, which will surely gain the appreciation of some of her fans. Of course, others will just hate on her regardless.

Are you still a fan of Doja or are you done with her?