Los Angeles native Doja Cat is one of the most eccentric characters in the rap game. She's been omnipresent for years but the general public is finally starting to take notice of her hilarious antics on social media. Not limited to dressing up as a cow and singing a ridiculous rap song about being a farm animal, Doja Cat can also make us laugh in other ways. Case in point: homegirl hopped on Instagram Live this week and recited the lyrics from Roddy Ricch's hit record "The Box" as if she were a character in a Shakespeare play.

Doja Cat Roddy Ricch The Box
John Parra/Getty Images

Who knows what goes on in the brain of 24-year-old Doja Cat. The rising superstar decided to excite thousands of people watching her Live as she prepared to issue a new take on "The Box," the song that stood tall on the Billboard Hot 100 for several months.

Complete with a chainmail headdress, Doja Cat introduced a new character to the world. With ridiculous music playing in the background, the rapper read the lyrics to "The Box" and, despite some flubs, she killed this mood. Her accent was on point and the emotion was really there.

You need to see this. Shout-out to Doja Cat.