Doja Cat's downfall has now been transformed into a punchline, thanks to Nasty Nas. The Queensbridge legend had the Internet in flames after the release of his new single, "Ultra Black." Though the heads were content with the fact that we're finally receiving some new music from Nas, it was the bar about Doja Cat that really sparked controversy across the web. "We goin' ultra black, unapologetically black/ The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black," he raps on the song.

This bar was, of course, in reference to the clips of Doja Cat in alleged incel chatrooms, among other controversies that hit the 'net earlier this year. People were divided by what Nas said with many criticizing the rapper over the allegations of abuse against Kelis. However, it looks like Doja Cat herself isn't too bothered by it. In a video posted to TikTok, she shrugged off the song's diss towards her while also trolling everyone who's been hounding her about it. "I am so offended and upset about this song," she said while "Ultra Black" played in the background. "Have you guys heard 'Fruit Salad' by The Wiggles?"

"Ultra Black" serves as the first single off of Nas' forthcoming project with Hit-Boy due out later this month. Check out Doja's response below.