Doja Cat was on top of the world after her single "Say So" hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 several weeks ago. But, my oh my, what a few weeks could change. 

After people found old videos of the star rapper interacting with alt-right men in "incel" type chatrooms, the rapper was effectively forced into a social media hiatus for fear of being canceled. She attempted to return last night but, as she found out, it was a little too soon.

"This fuckin world sucks," wrote Doja on Twitter. Her comments were filled with trolls asking her why she had returned to social media.

"Because i like to write stuff," she replied to those fans. 

After she was asked to apologize for her actions, she went on the defensive and called out the people wishing for her to say sorry.

"FINE.... I'm...... I'm........ sorry that I couldn't see sooner that you're a fucking loser pleb with micro cock fuck off chump," she wrote.

Later in the night, she seemed depleted, sharing a petition about the death of Toyin Salau and then speaking on how defeated she feels.

"It doesn't matter how much time or effort you devote to something because eventually it will be destroyed," said Doja to finish her Twitter stroll for the night.

Will you still be supporting Doja Cat after everything that happened?