She's already offered up an apology, but Doja Cat has returned to speak more about her recent controversy. Initially, there were allegations that Doja Cat had engaged in racist and bigoted conversations in group chats, but the evidence to support the claims had yet been revealed. Still, the #DojaCatIsOverParty became a trending topic on Twitter before the receipts were given, and when the videos did surface, it seemed as if the Hot Pink singer would have a tough time recovering. However, she came forward with an open letter and said she's proud of being half black and never engaged in any racist discussions. 

Doja Cat
Arturo Holmes / Stringer / Getty Images

On Monday, Doja Cat popped up on Instagram Live to talk about the scandal. "From me and the people I work with, like any business, like any conglomerate, there would be many people trying to protect what's going on and that's exactly what we were trying to do," she said in her video. "So I'm just gonna, one, debunk everything." Doja Cat had "bullet points" of topics she wanted to cover, including accusations of self-hate because, in one video, she spoke negatively about her 4C hair. "What I think the mistake that I made was saying it on a social platform, saying it out in public," said Doja. "Maybe being honest about how I feel about taking care of my hair was a bad idea."

She did recognize that her song, "Dindu Nuffin," was "the worst song in the entire world. "Dindu nuffin," or "didn't do nothing," is often used as a slur by alt-righters to describe black people who find themselves in trouble with the law. She also discusses the chatroom controversy and claims they were public spaces, but any racism would cause someone to quickly be banned. Check out clips of her conversation below.