Doja Cat pulled a post-and-delete on Lana Del Rey's open letter to "the culture," in which the alt-pop singer singled out Doja among other female artists for getting away with certain lyrical content that she hasn't previously been afforded the freedom to explore. After posting the letter on Thursday (May 21st), Lana received a massive wave of backlash. She seemed to be insinuating that while she had received criticism over the years for supposedly "glamorizing abuse" in her music by singing about unhealthy relationships, "now" other women like Doja, as well as Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé are being celebrated for embracing their sexuality in music.

While many came to the defense of the women named, it appears as though none of them have issued any kind of response to her statement except Doja. Shortly after Lana shared the post, Doja left a comment saying "gang sunk that dunker."

It was quickly deleted, but not before pop culture news account @PopCrave managed to get a screenshot of the odd comment. Doja's seemingly nonsensical remark has been leaving plenty of folks confused—some say it was Doja's way of calling on her fans to give Lana sh*t, while others insist it's a basketball reference that loosely translates to "points were made." Still, others interpreted it as a more polite way of saying "suck my d*ck."

dog cat lana del rey response gang sunk that dunker odd confusedAaron J. Thornton/Getty Images for BET

While Doja may have deleted her comment, she decided to change her Twitter name to "GANG" and post part of the phrase in a tweet, asking her followers to fill-in-the-blank. 

What do you think she means by "gang sunk that dunker"?