The world is still recovering from the recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman High School. After a student brought a firearm to school last week, he took the lives of 17 classmates and teachers. Americans are still discussing the measures that need to be taken to prevent an event like this from ever happening again; the most popular opinion being gun reform. While it’s still highly-contested (for some reason), concerned citizens are trying to look for more immediate options. But when CNN spoke with survivors of the shooting, things got weird.

Around the 5-minute mark, at a particularly emotional moment of the interview, a pick-up truck rolls by, with a large dog in the driver’s seat. Viewers who were lucky enough to catch it as it first aired must have experienced the longest 14 seconds of their life. We’re still not quite sure what is happening, as it also appears that the dog slows down to look at what appears to be a memorial behind the interviewees. While the dog is likely sitting on the owner’s lap – we hope – you can imagine that it’s not the safest driving experience. But of course, this is the type of thing to happen on CNN.