Wiz Khalifa has definitely been living young, wild, & free since his separation from Amber Rose, but things may have just took a turn for the worse after a recent one night stand with a certain Playboy model.

On Thursday morning, the Taylor Gang general posted some photos on Instagram showing him getting close & personal with a topless Carla Howe, who appeared in his 2012 movie "Mac & Devin Go to High School". Now its no secret that the two slept together the other night, but what Wiz didn’t know was that he was being filmed in the process.

According to TMZ, a close source says the footage is now being offered around Hollywood, with the hopes of being the next big sex tape. However, TMZ reports that Wiz had no idea of the filming and says that if anyone tries to release it as a sex tape, he’s ready to lawyer up and block the tape from being released.

Note that the tape hasn't been confirmed, but could very well be legit. After all, Wiz did delete his pics with Carla from IG, while she left hers up (see below/gallery).

We'll keep you posted if anything more comes from this rumor story.