Nicki Minaj is getting ready to return from her hiatus tomorrow (4/13) when she drops off not one, but TWO new singles called “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz.” But before they premiere on Beats 1 radio tomorrow at 1 PM EST, a couple snippets of the two songs have surfaced online ahead of time, and from what we can hear it kinda sounds like Nicki is taking shots at Cardi on the track “Chun-Li.”

Unless it just happens to be one the biggest coincidences, Nicki appears to call out Cardi for her stripping past, claiming she never had to play a “ho position” to achieve her success.

"I ain't never played a ho position/I ain't never had to strip to get the pole position/ Hoes is dissing, ok hoes these is wishin/ You’re in no position, to come for O’s position,” Nicki spits.

Of course the unreleased snippet should come with a grain of salt as we’ll need to wait and hear the full result tomorrow, but it definitely sounds like she’s going at Cardi.

Last week, Cardi addressed her so-called beef Nicki with Ebro, saying it’s all internet made up. "I just feel like it's really internet made-up," Cardi told Ebro. "I really feel like fans and people really want to see that happen because it's really entertaining. To see people beef is entertaining.” However, it appears Nicki may feel differently about the situation.

While we wait for the official drop, check out the snippet right here, and let us know what you think.