The current LeBron vs MJ debate being held between basketball fans worldwide is only rivaled by the Tupac vs Biggie discussion hip hop heads have on the regular. Last night, LeBron added another point to his already sterling resume by passing Jordan for all-time playoff points scorer with 5,995 points. Check out the highlight below, along with LeBron’s post-game comments (plus some A1 Tristan Thompson trolling):

People from around the NBA were quick to congratulate ‘Bron, who’s now headed to his seventh straight NBA Finals appearance. There were surprisingly few congratulations from current and former NBA players, but that’s to be expected when you ruthlessly ruin your competition and have a monopoly on the eastern conference for the better part of a decade.

In addition to the praise, analysts and fans alike were quick begin discussions on how this changes the comparison of LeBron vs MJ. Check out a few of the stats below – who do you think deserves the title of NBA GOAT?