Kanye West famously recorded the song "Big Brother" on Graduation to show his love and respect for his idol and friend Jay-Z. The relationship between the two seemed to be unbreakable, that is until Kanye decided to blast Jay on stage during a concert. West then confirmed to Charlamagne Tha God in their now viral interview that he was upset with Jay for missing his wedding. He also admits that he understands Jay and Beyoncé were going through relationship troubles at that time, but emotionally he was still hurt by Jay's absence. Jay and Beyoncé released a surprise joint album yesterday called Everything Is Love, and fans are speculating that HOV addresses Kanye's statements on the song "Friends."

On the record, Jay lets listeners know that while he and Beyonce were going through relationship turmoil, no one and nothing else mattered to him. "I ain't going to nobody for nothing when me and my wife beefing/ I don't care if the house on fire, I'm dying, nigga, I ain't leaving/ Ty Ty take care of my kids, after he done grieving/ If ya'll don't understand that, we ain't meant to be friends," he raps on "Friends." To be fair, making sure the family is stable seems more important than attending a friends wedding.