For a short while, NBA YoungBoy and Bhad Bhabie occupied a spot in the league of hip hop couples. While the evidence was always murky regarding whether the two were actually dating, there were a few instances that confirmed something was going on. After months of there seeming to be no involvement between the two, Bhad Bhabie started beefing with YoungBoy on IG Live. In an even more confusing turn of events, the viral sensation appeared to get a tattoo of YoungBoy's birth name on her hand. While she argued that the tattoo said 'Kentucky', not 'Kentrell', she suspiciously covered it up with a butterfly.   

The tattoo correction seemed to mark the end of chapter in Bhabie's romantic life, as she started getting smitten with Lil Gotit on social media around the same time. However, even after cuddling and collaborating with the Atlanta rapper, she's still bumping NBA YoungBoy. While we don't blame her for wanting to listen to YoungBoy's music - it's really good - it's a misleading move for her to post videos of herself rapping along to his songs. Her recent singalong was to "Rich As Hell" off his latest project AI Youngboy 2, but she has done this before with "House Arrest Tingz"

Is Bhad Bhabie that big of a YoungBoy stan that she feels the need to keep promoting him post-breakup? Why doesn't she show The Real GOAT some love? These are the questions that keep me up at night and maybe we'll never have answers to them.