This story has reached the point of disbelief. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has had his home "invaded" for the 2nd time in 2 days, but luckily this time around the intruder was less adept and more faint at heart. Over the last few days, Puig hasn't left the city. The Dodgers had just begun a 3-game series with the San Diego Padres days after completing a 3-game stretch against the Colorado Rockies.

The bungled break-in went down on Thursday evening at around 10:45 PM. An intruder had the audacity to jump the front gate then ring the doorbell without first gaining access via the security intercom. The intruder used another intercom linked to the security system via the front door to ask if "unidentified person" was able to come downstairs and open the padlock.

The attendant who answered the intercom at Puig's behest (since he was not home), could sense that something was awry so they informed the trespasser of their intentions to call the cops. That was enough to spur the unknown assailant away from Puig's property at once. The attendant who was watching the incident unfold through a video apparatus says the unwelcome visitor did not fit the description of the who burglarized the home 2 days prior. Puig needs to work something out with his "community shield."