Former New York Mets and New York Yankees legend Dwight "Doc" Gooden is going back to rehab to try to save his life following a recent string of arrests, including a DUI bust in New Jersey earlier this week. The DUI came just weeks after Gooden was arrested for cocaine possession and driving under the influence.

In an interview with the New York Post, the ex-pitcher spoke candidly about his recent struggles, and how he planned to check in to a recovery center on Tuesday night.

Says Gooden (h/t NYP):

“Basically, I’m going away tonight to try to get some help to save my life.”

“I’m very embarrassed. Very shameful. I feel bad for anybody I disappointed or let down,” said the ex-star pitcher, 54, whose spectacular career on the mound has been marred over the years by his constant struggle with drugs and booze.

“It’s a struggle—a hard struggle—but you have to just jump back in,” said Gooden, a.k.a. Doc.

“I’ll be checking in tonight, whatever it takes. This time, I mean, at my age, I’ve been doing this for 30 something years. I never thought I’d see myself at 54 going back to treatment.

Gooden, who has dealt with drug and alcohol abuse since his playing says in the '80s, says 15 to 20 former teammates have reached out to offer support, including Darryl Strawberry. The two have had a rocky relationship over the last few years, but if there's anyone who knows what Doc is going through it's Strawberry. In fact, Straw owns multiple recovery centers in Florida.

“Darryl came by, I think it was Wednesday of last week,” Gooden told The Post. “We talked for probably two hours.

“I’ve gotten calls from 15 to 20 teammates from the Yankees and Mets,” Gooden said.