On Sunday (April 5), a man accused DMX of robbing him at a Newark gas station. The man claimed DMX stood him up, took all of his money--$3,200, in fact--and then jumped into a black Cadillac before taking off into the night. 

According to DMX's lawyer, though, the allegations are "completely absurd." In X's lawyer's version of the story, X was leaving a show in Newark--"a very successful show"--when he had to stop for gas. Four men approached the rapper, asked for pictures, and even offered him drugs. Then things went sour, though, all that transpired was an argument, says X's lawyer; the robbery accusations have no basis whatsoever, and "anyone who believes it makes no sense at all."

We'll keep you updated if any legal action is taken against the Yonkers rapper, though we're weary of anyone who would bring $3,200 to a Newark gas station.