The death of Earl "DMX" Simmons has been a tough one for hip-hop fans to process. The late fifty-year-old passed away following a weeklong battle in the hospital after a heart attack. The rapper reportedly suffered a drug overdose, which triggered the heart attack. His family made the difficult decision to take him off of life support when his organs started failing.

The legendary rapper was laid to rest in a private ceremony last week, including members of his family, his close friends, and more. DMX's fiancée Desiree Lindstrom is understandably having an incredibly hard time coping with the death of her love, grieving publicly with a few heartbreaking messages on Instagram. 

"God knows I miss you so much! This hurts my soul," she wrote over a picture of them together. "My world has completely just been turned upside down! I love you so much stinky!"

Desiree went on to share a picture of her and Exodus, their son together. "I love you exodus," she wrote. "Daddy will forever be in our hearts!"

Finally, she shared a prayer on her story. "Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you because I am so weak right now. I pray for the strength lord Jesus! Loosing a loved one, has been by far the hardest thing ever in my life! I'm so lost without my soulmate, I'm so lost without my son's father! I just pray God, that you continue to lift me and my son up! For this one is so hard for me!"

We would like to send our love and positive energy to Desiree Lindstrom, and the rest of DMX's family during this time. Rest in peace to one of the greatest.