TV One sat down with DMX for what is said to have been his final interview, and it's reportedly a moving television event. The network poised DMX for a feature on Uncensored not long before his untimely passing, and his loved ones have also sat down with publications to speak about their final moments with the rapper, including DMX's ex-wife, Tashera Simmons. DMX and Tashera were just kids when they first met and were married for 11 years, sharing four children together. Tashera recently spoke with PEOPLE Every Day about the late rapper and how she's been coping since his passing.

"I am torn. Our children are suffering and trying to get to over that 'not enough time with their dad' thing; it's a tough time," she said.

Tashera Simmons, DMX, TV One, PEOPLE Every Day
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"At the same time ... I used to think that this was insensitive to say, but I do believe he is in a better place, just because of the words he left me with. He was never afraid of passing on. And I used to be aggravated with that, but now I understand." She also claimed that she was unaware that DMX filmed his final interview.

"I didn't know that it was filmed," said Tashera. "When they called me, I didn't realize that this was the last interview that he'd done. And the things that he talked about in it were so powerful to them, stories that he spoke about of myself and him that I didn't even remember, really, until... They literally had to replay it."

She also recalled how she first met a young DMX when they were just 11-years-old. "Good girl loved bad boy," said Tashera, who first saw Earl Simmons as he was allegedly using his dog to steal a woman's purse. "The way they jogged past me and caught my vision, our eyes ... and I was just like, 'My hero.' I'm trying to find the words to explain what I'm trying to say. But it just felt right in a crazy moment. It felt right."

Check out the episode of PEOPLE Every Day below.