In what is most definitely a unique method from a defense attorney, DMX's lawyers plan to play the rapper's music in court in an effort to sway the sentencing judge's decision. X is currently under trial for tax evasion and is facing up to five years in prison. Although things are not looking too positive for the rapper at the moment as he is also struggling with substance abuse issues, the one-of-a-kind strategy could end up working in his favor.

The legendary rapper's attorney Murray Richman penned a letter yesterday writing that he intends on playing aloud several DMX compositions at the March 29 sentencing. Since DMX may be too emotional to speak, according to Richman, the recordings may help the judge "understand him genuinely in his voice." The attorney has supplied lyrics to several of his client's songs as he has suggested an alternative resolution to the ongoing case. Stereogum reports that in order to pay back his $1.7 million in taxes and support his 15 children, DMX will need to return to the stage and, instead of prison time, he has advised an "up to 60-day study of [DMX] by qualified consultants" to determine that he is rehabilitated.

I don't know about you but one of the last places I would expect "X Gon' Give It To Ya" or "Where The Hood At" played would be in a court setting. The aggressivity in X's rapping tone may not do him any favors come Thursday, but it would absolutely be interesting to be a fly on the wall in that sentencing hearing. We will keep you updated as X's sentencing nears.