Back in March of 2018, rapper DMX was sentenced to a year in jail for tax fraud. He had pleaded guilty much earlier in the fall but was only sentenced in March. According to Vulture, DMX had actually been locked up in January due to Oxycodone and Cocaine usage. At the time he was given court-ordered drug treatments and because he was skipping out on those, he was put in prison.

As reported by Vulture, DMX's lawyer was excited to announce that the rapper will be coming home tomorrow.

“I spoke to him; he’s very happy,” Richman said. “He’s looking forward to being home. He’s never been hotter than now — people have been seeking him out all over. He’s terrific; he’s been terrific.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

DMX was originally supposed to be released on January 27th, but there is a clause that states prisoners who are scheduled to be released on the weekend, can be eligible to be released a couple days earlier. A policy document on the matter says: “Whenever possible, inmates will be released on the last preceding weekday if their projected release date falls on a weekend or legal holiday.”

Prosecutors originally wanted to give DMX a four to five-year sentence, but his attorneys were able to work it down to a year. He will now be subject to three years of supervised release.