DMX passed away roughly a month ago following complications stemming from a cardiac arrest. For his irrefutable impact on the rap landscape, the late Yonkers legend will forever be immortalized. Part of keeping his legacy alive in a tasteful manner is presenting him in depictions approved by those closest to him. 

Posthumous releases are often the subject of criticism because of their perceived profit off someone's passing. DMX's final interview "DMX Uncensored," set to air on TV One, provides an intimate look into the mind of the late rap legend. In the interview, he spoke about healing his relationship with his mother after reuniting on an episode of Couple's Therapy in 2012. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Bacardi

"Me and my wife went to couple's therapy...I just remember mentioning some things about my mother, and we was in one of our counseling sessions one day and the lady said, 'How would you feel if you saw your mother right now?' And I'm like, I don't know...and as soon as she asked my mother came in, she walked right through the door," explained X before tearing up. 

He went on, "She walked in the door and I think it was at that point right there, I just let everything go. She crying, I'm crying, I don't know it wasn't a hurt cry it was, like, yes, this is what I need. Yeah." 

Larry French/Getty Images for Live Nation

has been vocal about the traumatic abuse he faced at the hands of his mother in the past. In numerous interviews, he noted his mother would physically abuse him before sending him away to a group home. 

"DMX Uncensored" is set to air May 16th at 8 pm on TV One.