Times are tough for DMX. The rapper is currently facing 5 years in prison for allegedly hiding up to $1.7 million in undeclared income. While he is currently awaiting sentencing, he's received another offer: an invitation to participate in former NBA star Jayson William's rehab program.

In a video interview with TMZ today, Williams explained that DMX shouldn't be sentenced to prison for avoiding to pay his taxes, as his intentions we're based on a self-destructive mindset, rather than the intention to hide income from the government.

"He wasn't evading taxes on purpose. When you're in a self destruct mode," Williams says, "You're not going, 'I'm gonna pay my taxes tomorrow.' You're going, 'Hey man, I'm not even going to live. My self-esteem is low. I gotta take myself outta here.'"

He then states that DMX is not a "bad person," but rather, a "sick individual."

Williams also ran through the process of what DMX would have to do if he's granted permission by the judge to attend the rehab program. It could include detox, as well as 8 daily hours of learning about himself and his behavior.

Williams also mentioned that DMX had expressed interest in becoming a pastor. 

"He really wants to be a pastor," Williams stated, "Imagine this, he can change the world. He really can. He can take the stigma off of sobriety."

DMX is expected to be sentenced very soon, and hopefully he'll be able to get the help that he needs rather than have to spend years of his life behind bars. 

As Williams says, "You can always come back and put him in jail if he doesn't do the right thing."