Hip-Hop star DMX will end 2010 with a year-long prison term, as the rapper's probation was officially revoked in Arizona today (December 16th).

The Maricopa County Superior Court revoked the rap star's probation from 2009, stemming from a conviction on fraud charges, identity theft, assault and a variety of other misdemeanor charges.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, will be sent back to prison for a full year, after he was arrested on November 18th by officers who arrested the rapper for failing to check in with probation officers and abusing prescription drugs without a prescription.

The rapper DMX tested positive for cocaine and oxycontin  and admitted to using drinking alcohol, another violating of the terms of his probation.

DMX will spend his time in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's infamous Tent City jail, where inmates are forced to wear pink, stripped jail suits.

His dislike for the jail is well documented. In February of 2009, the rapper lost his cool in the prison and threw a tray of food at a prison guard, resulting in an added assault charge against the officer.

"They talk to you any kind of way," DMX said of his  At the end of the day, I am still a man," DMX told Phoenix's Fox News 10.

The rapper has been arrested six times in Maricopa County, Arizona, alone and at least once every year, since 1999.