After offering some fairly menacing words directed at Drake, DMX has now softened on his stance of the YMCMB talent, and says his perceived “beef” with him is nothing serious, although he would still find it “disrespectful” if Drake didn’t include Missy Elliott and Timbaland on the new Aaliyah project.

Earlier in the year DMX had some unkind things to say about Drake, and recently while on The Breakfast Club was quoted as saying “I wish it was like maybe seven years ago or maybe like 10 years ago where you know, catch him in the elevator, beat him up.”  Now , in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, X is saying he doesn’t necessarily have beef with the Toronto native (from HHDX), “I have no… I mean, the nigga ain’t do nothing to me. There ain’t no reason, son. I don’t want to beat him up. It ain’t that serious.”

The Ruff Ryder may not want to beat down Drake in an elevator, but he still is wary of Drizzy not including Aaliyah’s long time contributors, and friends, Missy Elliott and Timbaland, on her posthumous project.  “That’s disrespectful. To have access to this lady’s music and lyrics and everything, and then just do what you want to do with it? At least honor her tradition.”

Missy and Timbo worked on Missy’s upcoming album together, and have both said they have not been contacted about working on Aaliyah’s upcoming project, and are even skeptical that an album is in the works.  

Watch the full interview with DJ Whoo Kid below.