Last we heard from DMX was after he was freestyling outside of the court room after his tax evasion case. While he still is in hot water with the IRS, he ended up getting out on bail. However, like most people out on bail it comes with conditions. Earlier today, TMZ reported that DMX broke conditions pertaining to his bail and could be in some trouble.

According to the gossip site, DMX went to visit family in St. Louis. However, with him being out on bail he is required to let the judge know whenever he decides to leave town, which he didn't.

His attorney, Murray Richman, told TMZ that it's unlike him to leave town without notice, because he is consistent with letting them know any time he has a show outside of New York. Richman simply said it's likely that the rapper forgot because he was pre-occupied with the trip. 

We hope X can sort this out, as it's always rough to see a legend stumble. Prior to this tax evasion case, DMX was scheduled to perform on the Ruff Ryder's 20th Anniversary Tour. No word on whether or not that will be affected, but we're sending out good vibes to the icon.