DMX's legal woes have loomed over him for a few years now but this year, it seemed to have reached another height. X's been trying to beat the fourteen counts of tax evasion he was arrested for back in July. While he's tried to make an attempt to come back into the rap game (at one point, even asking for trap beats), the troubles he's been faced with have put a halt to his career. Today, it's reported that he's struck a plea deal in the case.

DMX has reportedly made a bargain with the prosecutors that will have him dealing with much less time than he was initially faced with, according to TMZ. They say the prosecutors allowed him to enter a plea deal to one count of tax evasion. The deal will have him facing five years in prison. While it's a lot of time, he was looking at more than forty years before that. The rapper will deal with the sentencing on March 29th, 2018. Back in July, he got hit with the fourteen counts of tax evasion after prosecutors said he avoid paying $1.7 million in federal taxes by hiding his income. 

After getting hit with charges, the rapper was released on $500,000 bond after he pled not guilty. However, it was reported that he violated bond and was placed on house arrest after failing drug tests. He later exchanged his house arrest bargain on the condition that he enters into a drug rehabilitation program. His lawyer later said that he was completely sober after completing the program 

Aside from his case, DMX decided to give back for the holiday season by turning a viral clip into a full blown single. With Christmas just around the corner, X dropped off the CDQ of his rendition of "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer." For those who never seen it, a clip of X doing an a capella version of the song floated online after an interview he did with The Breakfast Club.