Hopefully, a slightly amusing mixup that happened the other evening involving DMX doesn't land the rapper in front of a judge. DMX and friends grabbed dinner at the celebrity favorite STK restaurant at the W Hotel in Hollywood. When the get-together was coming to a close and the group made their way outside to get their vehicles, one member of the crew asked the valet to return with their Corvette.

The friend misplaced their valet ticket, but the valet remembered him and DMX from when they came in, so the attendant rushed off to get the luxury vehicle. However, he returned with the wrong car. That didn't stop DMX's friend from driving off with the vehicle with DMX riding shotgun. The true owner of the car reported the car stolen, but the valet was the one who straightened everything out by telling police where DMX and his crew were going for their afterparty.

According to TMZ, sources claim that the rapper hopes that the police run-in doesn't make waves for him legally. Earlier this year, DMX was released from prison following a yearlong stint for tax evasion. He's still on parole and hopes that if law enforcement looks into the stolen vehicle case, as TMZ reports that they arethey won't hold him accountable.

Since he doesn't have a license, the rapper has made sure that he doesn't get behind the wheel. The publication says that surveillance footage should show that DMX wasn't the driver in the mixup so he should be just fine. As he's been staying out of trouble and keeping his faith at the forefront, hopefully, this can be cleared up without incident.