After serving less than half of his 90-day sentence, DMX  has been released from a Los Angeles prison. The Yonkers native was freed Thursday (Aug. 12) afternoon after serving only 18 days behind bars for a probation violation, stemming from a 2002 reckless driving conviction. X turned himself in late July after his release from an Arizona prison where he had just served six months behind bars for violating parole with substance abuse.

The troubled rapper has been in an out jail for the past few years and has been desperately trying to turn his life, and fledgling career, around. "I'mma turn myself in," X told TMZ before heading off to jail. "Me and my crew came to the conclusion that that would be best. I like LA. I like to come out here, I like to work, I like to dance so you know I wanted to get that over with because that's one of the first steps in you know in regaining everything I lost."