2017 was filled with ups and downs for DMX. The rapper kicked off the year on a great note by releasing the Swizz Beatz produced single, "Bain Iz Back" but shortly after, things started declining. X was charged with fourteen counts of tax evasion and shortly after, his long-standing issues with substance abuse had him on house arrest after failing a drug test. However, it looks like alcohol isn't one of the vices he's overcoming after he was spotted at a St. Louis airport bar buying patrons shots.

DMX was recently spotted at an airport bar in St. Louis where the rapper was dropping bits of knowledge of the bartender and other patrons. TMZ reports the rapper was buying shots for people at the bar and indulging in a bit of liquor himself while preaching about God's plan. In a video posted on their website, the rapper spoke on how his faith his God has helped him in times of need, even when it seems like things hit rock bottom.

"You won't know what God is willing to do for you until you're in a situation where you need him to do it for you," he said, "So I praise God for these difficult situations. Because it's in these situation that I'm aware of what God is willing to do for me. I know what God is capable of doing but I won't know what he's willing to do for me until I need him to do it for me."

The fact that he was in a bar allegedly drinking was a shock to his lawyer, Murray Richman, due to the fact that he's currently traveling with his sober coach.

Watch the video below.