I kid you not, DMX is back to his benevolent-self, and that means a whole lot of barking, and a wee bit of preaching is on the agenda. According to a Twitter user who goes by the handle piña, DMX showed up unannounced at her cousin's party hell-bent on preaching the word of GOD. This is her exact transcript of what went down: "pulled up to my cousin hotel party last night had some words for them," and she has a video to prove it. 

"God had his hand on me since before the womb," DMX can be heard saying in footage of his one-point sermon. "I didn't know what that meant until I read the bible - I am a warrior for the lord, I will fuck you up in the name of Jesus - I had to hit the bottom, just so I could bring everybody up." Let me bring you up to speed on the situation at hand.

DMX has been a transitional deacon of the Christian Church, passing inspection as an ordained member of clergy well before his recent bid for Tax Evasion. If you're DMX's parole officer, you've probably heard this spiel before.

If you're new to the game, consider this: DMX gave up a life of sin and false pride to become a worshipper of the holy light. Incidentally, the sum of all sins (over the years) resulted in a prison sentence he would serve, having already corrected his mistake. So with that said, should DMX show up at unannounced at your hotel-party, do take kindly to his bark - he does mean well.