DMX has been having a rough time for the past year. As he attempted to make a come back in the music game, his erratic behavior and legal drama followed him to his pitfall. Last summer, it was reported that he was facing fourteen counts of tax evasion. Later on, he went to rehab for his issues with substances as part of his plea agreement and his lawyer even said that he was completely clean and sober last summer. However, it's looking like that might not be the case.

DMX is reportedly going back to jail, according to TMZ. The rapper allegedly tested positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone which is a violation of his probation. In addition to that, the rapper was seen last week at an airport bar where he was sharing some words of wisdom on how God helped him at times of need and was allegedly also drinking and buying shots for patrons. That factor alone caused concerns for the judge who was presented the video by U.S. Attorney Nicholas Biase.

The judge had apparently also said X told a big lie when he agreed to his terms.

According to NY Daily News, the rapper relapsed after he left his treatment program to care for his one year old son who became extremely sick. Within that time, he relapsed and tested positive for several drugs after a check in with his probation officer which may result in him being taken into custody. 

X's sentencing for his tax evasion charges will be determined in March and he faces up to five years in jail.