Hints that DMX and Swizz Beatz were recording a new album have been floating around over the last year or so, but the lack of concrete information led us to believe that it wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Little did we know, X's eighth studio album was quietly nearing completion, and is now set to be released next week.

The album, titled Redemption Of The Beast, has not been officially announced, but much like Cole's new surprise record, the cat was let out of the bag by way of an Amazon pre-order. From there, we've received both the album cover and the tracklist. The 16-track effort features guest appearances from Rampage, Freeway, and Jannyce. No word on how much of the production is provided by Swizz.

Check out the tracklist below, and the album cover in the gallery. You can pre-order the album here. 

01. Spit That Shit
02. Built Like A Bitch
03. On and On
04. Get Up and Try Again
05. Solid Ft. Rampage
06. I’m Gonna Win
07. It’s A Problem
08. It’s Goin’ Down
09. Shout It
10. One More Night
11. 56 Bars
12. Where You Been ft. Freeway
13. Right or Wrong ft. Jannyce
14. Gonna Get Mine
15. We Gonna Make It
16. Love That Bitch ft. Jannyce


[Update: DMX & Swizz Beatz Say The Album Is Unauthorized]

We've just gotten word from both Swizz Beatz and a rep for DMX that this Redemption Of The Beast album does not have either of the artists' consent. Swizz shared his thoughts via Instagram, the caption of which you can read below.

"I see a lot of people hitting me about this album!!! I can tell you 100% this is not the album X and I are working on!!!! (I feel like Timbo with the Aaliyah movie rite now🙈) SMH !!!!!! #DontdisrespecttheDog 🙌 We Got Fire coming🎯"

Then Domenik Nati, a rep for DMX, sent us an email saying the following:

"I spoke to DMX today and he was unaware of the upcoming announcement of the "Redemption Of The Beast" album. When I read him the projected track list of songs to be released X said, 'that's all stolen music'. DMX and myself are highly disappointed that trust was broken and that these songs may be released and sold without X's knowledge or consent. DMX and Swizz Beatz are working on an album together and fans should look to their official social media accounts for accurate information." ~Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)