DMX is in the hospital after injuring himself in a four-wheeler accident.  From TMZ, X was riding his quad outside his home in South Caroline this morning when he lost control going down a hill.  He says he was "lucky" because he fell "right on his ass". 

The Ruff Ryder doesn't remember much from the accident except for being in the ambulance.  It appears he will be fine, but there is no time on when he'll be released from the hospital.  

[Update: DMX released and plans to "thug it out" with recovery.]

TMZ spoke to DMX who was released from the hospital on Sunday and says, "[M]y head still hurts bad from my concussion and I am having really bad headaches." 

X doesn't expect to be hurting long and adds, "[I]t's all good. I am going to thug it out and get well quick."