Puff Daddy's highly anticipated Bad Boy reunion tour kicked off Friday night at the Barclay's Center, hosting not only performances from the many billed guests like Mase, The Lox, and Faith Evans, but also some surprise appearances from the likes of Jay Z, Nas, and more. Saturday night was the encore performance, and naturally, there were no shortage of special guests on day 2.

DMX and Swizz Beatz came through to run through classic hits like "Party Up" and "Ruff Ryders" anthem, while X made sure to give it up for Notorious B.I.G., who was honored throughout the night even moreso than on night 1, on account of it being the late rapper's birthday. Meanwhile, Desiigner took the stage alongside Lil Kim to put on for Brooklyn and perform his inescapable hit, "Panda," making sure to deliver some of his signature arm flailing to the large crowd. Bad Boy vet Shyne also made a special appearance from Belize via live feed, while Fabolous performed his live favorite, "Lituation".

Check out some of the biggest moments from the show below. Did they top night 1?