DMX is peculiar to the point where even his first steps out of prison would be hard to predict. Most ex-cons in his position would relish the opportunity of a hot meal, a good lay.. things of that nature. His motives unclear, DMX made the trek out of prison back to the promised land, stopping at a Maryland gas station along the way.

To his surprise, everyone present in the establishment wanted a piece of him, a photo, or just a kind word. After all this time, DMX is still the only cultural icon to debut his 1st three albums at No. 1. 

TMZ obtained a solid account of what went down in Royal Farms store/gas station in Frederick, Maryland. Apparently, DMX and his crew of 20 individuals pulled up at about 7 pm Friday night looking score some gas for their vehicles, and snacks for the road, but they got a whole lot more than they bargained for. One of the patrons who was privy to the action says DMX was in full-character when fielding photo requests from fans - his answer to the initial query: "X Gon Give it to Ya!"

So after DMX obliged each and every fan in attendance, he and his crew went on their merry with more than a few miles left in their journey back to the Rotten Manzana. As you know, DMX just completed a one-year bid for tax evasion. The former Ruff Ryder was holed up in West Virginia, explained by his unforeseen pit-stop in the go-betweens of Maryland. Now that he's free, DMX has every intention of following on his promise of a biopic, a full-length album, and several other undisclosed projects. Keep it locked.